About First Co.

Offering versatile HVAC solutions, like CDX Aquatherm and HX series fan coil units, and Air Handler Ceiling Mount with Electric Heat for customized heating and cooling.
Company Profile
First Co. leads the HVAC industry since 1966, delivering over 5.5 million units and establishing itself as a trusted leader and innovator in multi-family HVAC. The commitment to American-made high-quality manufacturing is evident in Dallas, with cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce. Continuous improvement is central to the ethos, showcased through investments in advanced technology like a fiber laser cutting system and automated powder coating, enhancing efficiency and contributing to unmatched HVAC product quality. With ongoing investments in technology and a steadfast commitment to excellence, First Co. remains a trusted partner for top-notch HVAC solutions in the dynamic industry.
First Company offers a range of fan coil units, including the HX and CDX Aquatherm series, with various tonnage capacities. Additionally, their line-up features horizontal fan coil units like the HX Horizontal Fan Coil Uncased, catering to different heating and cooling needs. For ceiling-mounted options, the Air Handler models, such as the 30HX8 and 18HX6, provide efficient air distribution with electric heat capabilities. Each unit is designed for specific tonnage and heating capacities, ensuring versatile solutions for HVAC requirements.

Unmatched Customer Care

First Co.'s dedication to excellence is evident in our growing Customer Service Department, where we prioritize world-class service. Timely responses to customer inquiries and a commitment to exceeding expectations increase customer satisfaction. The sales and marketing staff, distinguished by their industry expertise and dedication to service, are building lasting relationships based on the highest ethical standards.

Where Engineering Meets Personalized Care

First Co. serves the architect and engineering communities with HVAC solutions for multi-family residential and commercial applications. Customers benefit from instant access to a team of knowledgeable HVAC-certified technical specialists who act as the primary link between First Co. and our domestic and international customers. The company takes pride in being large enough to offer high-volume manufacturing capabilities, yet small enough to provide personalized service, a hallmark of First Co.'s 50-year history. Enhance home comfort with First Co.'s futuristic HVAC solutions on DK Hardware. Buy top-tier products, make informed decisions, get swift deliveries, and blend style and innovation for a redefined living experience.



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Dallas, Texas 75227 United States


Email: sales@firstco.com

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