Company Profile  

Fletcher is a leading manufacturer of table-top and wall-mounted/free-standing substrate cutters, point drivers for picture framing and products for all glazing applications. The company also specializes in hand-held glass cutters, pliers, carbide scoring wheels, pillar inserts and posts for the automated glass processing industry. 

With the affordable Fletcher F-60 Cutter, any in-house shop, in any industry, can finally cut a variety of semi-rigid/flexible materials. Browse the company’s product line here.

Our History   

It all started in Leverett, Massachusetts, in 1868, when O.M. Pike, a local jeweler, was convinced that diamonds couldn't possibly be the only means for cutting glass. After trial and error, he emerged successful with a patent for a crude but marginally effective glass cutter. 

Our Journey   

In 2012, the Fletcher-Terry Company purchased the AMP and Alfamacchine Companies and, in 2013, acquired the Albin Products Company. The company is known today as the Fletcher Business Group.

Our Current Status   

Fletcher is now known across the globe as a leading manufacturer of table-top and wall-mounted/free-standing substrate cutters, hand-held glass cutters and many more products for the automated glass processing industry.

Our Locations 

Fletcher Business Group maintains its North American offices in East Berlin, Connecticut and Vernon Hills, IL. Our international headquarters, manufacturing and warehousing for Alfamachine and DSV Solutions B.V. are located in Italy and the Netherlands, respectively.