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If you have always had a tough time maintaining your garage, then you will love all the products in this Read more


If you have always had a tough time maintaining your garage, then you will love all the products in this category. Usually, garages are considered as one of the most roughly maintained spaces because of all the oil spills and automotive spare parts lying around. But if you have a dedicated servicing center, then it is important to maintain the safety and security of every vehicle that comes to your garage. For this, you will need a proper shutter door with release key, security camera, shutter door chains, and proper garage lock. This equipment will keep your garage door extremely safe and you can always keep an eye on trespassers.

At DK Hardware, we provide you with one of the best garage door hardware that is curated by known brands like Chamberlain, RYOBI, and much more. The heavy-duty chain extension kit is perfect if you need to repair your garage and need a quick installation of this chain. Rigorous quality testing is done for this product and it has passed them successfully, hence, you only get the best materials without any doubt. A smart garage door opener from Chamberlain will make it easier for you to operate the door without having to lift it manually. The best part is the emergency release kit that you can install easily when the garage door gets blocked due to different reasons. It comes with a key to allow entry and override the garage door. You can enquire about the products by reaching out to our online executive through chat.

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Kaba Ilco 1800-28-41 Garage Door Lock Clear Aluminum
$11.97 / Each
Chamberlain 8810CB-P 10 ft. Belt Drive Rail Extension Kit
$114.60 / Each
Chamberlain CLLP1-P Garage Laser Park Assist
$33.05 / Each
Chamberlain CLULP1-P Universal Garage Laser Park Assist
$47.64 / Each
Genie ALDPS-R Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor
$54.59 / Each
Genie GLEDB2-P Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb
$17.12 / Each
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