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About General Wire Spring, Co

Leading manufacturer of Custom Springs for various applications.

Company Profile

General Wire Spring Company custom designs and manufactures springs from a vast selection of materials. We can get heavy-duty spring quotations back to you promptly – offering recommendations on reducing costs, improving performance, and providing the optimal design for your custom spring needs. We offer in-house machining, painting, and assembly work to assist you further. Since 1930, thousands of customers and businesses have trusted us with their custom needs for compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, and drain cleaners. 

General Wire Springs offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products to meet diverse industrial and commercial needs. Our wire springs are crafted with precision and excellence, embodying a commitment to quality and durability. Each product is engineered to perform reliably under various conditions, from tension springs to compression springs, flat springs to clock springs, and leaf springs to spiral springs. General Wire Springs excels in providing cutting-edge solutions for automotive, manufacturing, and machinery applications.

Visionary Approach to Service

At General Wire Spring, we pioneer a service experience beyond expectations. Our commitment is to shape solutions that conquer challenges and ignite the spark of innovation. We thrive on connecting with our clients, celebrating their successes, and continuously evolving to exceed their needs. With a focus on empowerment and a dedication to excellence, we lead in service, fostering a journey where clients succeed and flourish. At General Wire Spring, we don't just provide service; we champion transformative experiences that radiate success.

Conveniently Availability

DK Hardware now features a wide range of General Wire Spring products known for their quality and innovation. These top-notch solutions cater to various needs, providing convenient and efficient DK Hardware access. This collaboration isn't just about getting products; it's about embracing excellence and innovation to enhance your projects. Discover a new level of quality and service with General Wire Spring at DK Hardware.