Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

Gerber History 

In 1932, Max Gerber founded Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corporation as a manufacturer of vitreous china products in Kokomo, Indiana. 



Gerber brings sustainability into homes and businesses, from ecological manufacturing processes to efficient, streamlined functions. 

Culture of Commitment  

We measure our success by our positive impact in the industry, as well as in our community.  

Our Achievements  

Gerber Avalanche toilets rated “Best Buy” in 2009 by a top consumer magazine for offering the best combination of quality, performance, and price. 

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Sharing positivity and support during the COVID-19 pandemic is something we can all do to build hope and unity because we're stronger when we are together. 


Company Profile 

The Gerber Plumbing Fixtures was founded in 1932 by Max Gerber, a Polish immigrant, who started his company based on strong customer relationships and an unrelenting dedication to the professionals he serviced. Eighty-four years later, Max Gerber’s spirit lives on in our commitment to providing dependable products and services to our partners throughout North America, making their day-to-day job more manageable, more enjoyable, and profitable. 

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