Who We Are  

Our innovation and dedication help us lead the way in battery backup sump pumps, AC sump pumps, and combination pumps. 


What We Do 

Glentronics, Inc. manufactures The Basement Watchdog, PHCC Pro Series, Water Alarm, and The Intelligent Plant Light.  

A History of Dedication  

Before inventing the Basement Watchdog, Alan Schulman was the owner of a Chicago area battery distributorship.  


Our Growth  

The workforce at Glentronics shares excitement and pride in bringing our products to market. 

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The Watchdog Water Alarm alerts our customers to the presence of unwanted water. Place our alarm system near a water heater, sump pit, washing machine, laundry tub, or under a sink, where the alarm will sound a loud alert every time it detects as little as 1/32″ of water. 

Company Profile  

Glentronics, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business, and we aim to take care of each and every customer just like they are family. Our mission has always been to create proprietary products that provide users with a superior method of accomplishing a task. 

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