GlobalStar is spread globally, and with more than five decades of expertise, the brand is a renowned leader in the paint industry. The brand is committed to providing higher and better-quality paint products for the Fleet, Automotive, and Industrial sectors at reasonable prices. Find a whole range of products from GlobalStar at DK Hardware here. 


Company Profile    

With over 50 years of successfully proven quality, GlobalStar is a global manufacturer with plants in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The brand has a highly qualified and motivated team of industry professionals dedicated to meeting the needs and objectives of the customers. With a history spanning over the last two centuries in the paint industry, the values of integrity and honesty have driven the brand to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Although a little new under the corporate umbrella, GlobalStar personnel boasts four hundred years of combined experience.

State-of-the-Art Coating Products    

The brand provides high-quality solutions for various applications and requirements by supplying simple combinations of high-strength color toners and binder technologies. With the need for compromise, the brand offers OEM products at reasonable prices for the Fleet, Automotive, and Industrial sectors.  



Dedicated Towards Excellence    

GlobalStar, a sub-brand of Lusid Technologies, offers a wide range of Acrylic, Polyurethane, Basecoat, and Alkyd products to fulfill any requirements for coating jobs in the industry. The brand also features a full primer line of coatings for maximum adhesion, easy sanding, and corrosion protection.  

Quality Tested Paints    

Paint products from GlobalStar include a 1,500-hour salt spray tested direct to metal, single-stage paint, with built-in corrosion resistance to add excellence to any paint job. The color is equipped with anti-sag technology to provide high-gloss and reach narrow areas without getting a run for a flawless finish.    



Wide Range of Products    

With high-end materials combined with innovative technology, GlobalStar products are known for the integrity and honesty of the brand in the industry. You can find an array of products from GlobalStar at DK Hardware, including Medium Hardener, High Gloss UHS Polyurethane, and High Build Epoxy Primer