Our Founder 

Founded in 1919 by Samuel Jacoff, GreatNeck Saw began as a hacksaw blade manufacturing business by Samuel and his wife Sarah. Today, we are the largest privately held tool manufacturer in the United States. 

Our Journey 

The first manufacturing building by our founder was destroyed by a fire in 1929. That was when we merged with the GreatNeck Manufacturing and by 1971, our Founder and his 4 sons birthed the GreatNeck Saw as we know it today!

Our Products 

With a range of tools suitable for both easy at-home projects and industrial projects, we have handy hack saws, tool kits, and hammers designed for safe and sturdy usage. Our products are known for their quality and innovative design.

Our Aim 

GreatNeck Saw aims to bring quality, value, and innovation to the hardware industry. With 4 generations who have dedicated their time, energy, and resources to GreatNeck, as a global manufacturer, we strive to meet your hardware needs. 

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If you are looking for safe, sturdy, and durable hardware tools, be it for small DIY projects or large industrial ones, GreatNeck Saw is sure to have all that you need. Check our product line here!

Company Profile 

GreatNeck Saw is the largest privately held tool manufacturer in the United States. From manufacturing for major retailers including Husky for Home Depot and Kobalt for Lowe’s, our products are available across all 50 states as well as in Canada, Mexico, Central America, parts of South America, and Europe. From hardware to home improvement tools to sporting goods, mass retail, and automotive parts, our tools are designed to make any project easier! With over 100s of manufacturing facilities, we take price in our products’ quality and heritage. 

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