GRK Fasteners

GRK Deck Elite screws 

GRK Fasteners offers packs of GRK Elite screws that provide a quick drive, clean finish, and a corrosion-resistant build. 

GRK Trim Head Screws 

With a self-tapping design and zip-tip to help prevent splitting of material, our GRK Trim Head Screws are best-suited for all fine carpentry applications.

GRK Low Profile Screws 

For quick and secure installation of cabinets, door frames, and more you can trust our low profile screws with increased holding power and faster drive.

Multi-purpose Wood Screws 

Our multi-purpose wood screws with 6 self-contained cutting pockets act like a router and transport drill dust away, widen countersink holes, and leave no damaged fibers.

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GRK Fasteners prides itself in delivering constant innovation and durability through every product sold. For small at-home projects and big industrial-level ones, we offer a trustable, sturdy, and easy-to-use product to all our customers. Check our product line here

Company Profile 

GRK Fasteners offers a wide selection of fasteners from multi-purpose, structural, trim, cabinet, composite, and stainless screws. We pride ourselves in designing products with faster drive times and easy usage to ensure higher productivity for you. We are built on innovation and the will to commit completely toward setting exceptional standards. Our products come in a range of sizes that is unmatched when compared to the combined catalogs of most of our competitors. With a GRK Fastener product, you are sure to have the top-most quality, at least one featured patent, all backed up by a dedicated customer support team. 

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