H2flow Controls is changing the way businesses operate. Its products control, measure and protect motor-driven equipment. Also, its products reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and achieve the optimum performance of customers' machines and processes. Find a range of H2flow Controls products here at DK Hardware.

Company Profile 

H2flow Controls is a privately held corporation located in Sylvania, Ohio. It was founded in 1998 and had its headquarters in Sylvania, Ohio. The brand is dedicated to developing industry-leading technologies used for controlling and monitoring applications that are driven by electric motors. The brand repeatedly sets industry standards with its innovative products and uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Beginning 

In 1999, Paul Hackett, in collaboration with Emotron AB, founded Emotron Inc. to serve the North American market. In the consequent years, the brand launched several products such as the DLM (Digital Load Monitor), ETV (Emotron Technology Vehicle), and M20 Shaft Power Monitor. The M20 Shaft Power Monitor also received the 2001 Plant Engineering Product of the Year. In 2002, Emotron AB launched the MSF, which became widely viewed as the catalyst for all soft starts in the industry. 


Slow But Steady Growth 

In 2003, the brand moved its offices at Granite Circle to a new facility on Holland-Sylvania Rd. in 2004, the brand launched the second variation of the ETV. This vehicle is used to demonstrate products such as the DCM, M20, MSF, and FDU and logs more than 75,000 miles during its 6-year existence. In 2005, the brand launched the FDU 1.0, known as the Variable Frequency Drive. The brand became a UL508 / UL698 certified panel builder in 2006. And in 2008, the brand moved from its 3,000 sq. ft. facility on Holland-Sylvania Rd. in Toledo to a new, 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Briarfield, Maumee.

New Name and New Product Launches 

Following its buyout, the new ownership group rebranded the company to its new name, "H2flow Controls," with a new waterdrop logo containing the H2flow name. In 2009, the brand launched the PSP20, signaling the brand's foray into the pool and spa industry. In the same year, the brand launched the new FDU 2.0 and VFX 2.0 Variable Frequency Drives to replace the pre-existing first-generation models. H2flow Controls kept innovating and launched the all-new FlowVis flowmeter. This product consecutively won the Pool & Spa News Readers' Choice award in 2012 and 2013.  


Continued Expansion 

The company again changed its manufacturing facility to a much larger 8,500 sq. ft. facility at 3545 Silica Road, Sylvania, Ohio. This building has the space required for an increasing amount of FlowVis manufacturing and panel building. In 2016, the brand launched the all-new compact TSA Soft Start. The brand kept making new launches to capture the market share in the subsequent years. In 2017, the brand announced its online presence by launching a new website, "emotrondirect.com." In 2018, H2flow Controls introduced new branding, including a new logo and a 'Progress Through Innovation' marketing tagline.