Halex Company

Our Priorities  

Halex knows the customer always comes first. We believe in incorporating integrity in everything we do.  



Our Mission  

Halex provides new and unconventional electrical solutions to its customers across the world. 

Our Team  

Powered by an exceptional team of individuals, Halex strives to positively impact our customers' lives.  



Unique Designs  

Halex products are specially engineered to ensure pleasant user experience.  

  • overall customer rating

We're ranked number 1 in quality among major fitting manufacturers. We're anything but static. Our product exceeds the highest standards set by UL and CSA. 

Company Profile  

HALEX is one of the top fitting manufacturers in Cleveland. It was founded in 1947, more than a half a century of delivering quality goods and services. Our company offers a wide variety of products, such as electrical metal tubing, accessories, flexible metallic, liquid-tight, rigid and intermediate metallic conduit, nonmetallic sheathed and service entrance cables, and more.   

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