Halo Water System



The company recognizes how important water quality is for everyone and is committed to providing you with high-quality options to keep you protected. Find a range of Halo Water Systems products here at DK Hardware.

Company Profile


Founded by Glen Blavet in 2001, Halo Water Systems is a manufacturing and training organization with a mission to provide a premium water quality experience that protects your home, family, and planet. The company is based out of Carlsbad, California. The company’s solutions include Point of Entry and Point of Use systems that may utilize; Filtration, Purification, Conditioning, Sterilization, Demand Water Softeners, and Integrated Systems, as well as a number of Custom Solutions to address any set of water quality concerns and objectives you may have.

How the Company Came to Be 

Having completed a complex line of testing, training, and work to achieve his master plumbing contractor license, the company’s founder and CEO, Glen Blavet, took a different route, dedicating his life to protecting the health and safety of the homes and families. Beginning as a contractor in 1976, he became familiar with water treatment, and ultimately went on to own one of the largest plumbing heating and air service companies in Southern California. 


How the Idea Developed 

The more Glen Blavet learned about water conditioners and water quality, the more interested he became. Eventually, his love for plumbing was linked to water quality, and it became his mission. His mission is to educate homeowners and contractors on the importance of filtration and conditioning. He developed a water quality system “for contractors, by a contractor.” Glen wanted the water system to be built upon the duty of a plumber, to protect the safety and health of the nation, and that is what the company is all about.

Contractors Choice 

As reports on water quality continues to dominate the news, Glen Blavet remains dedicated to helping plumbers protect their customers by providing them with a better life through water quality options they can trust. HALO Water Systems has quickly become the filtration system most recommended by contractors in the nation. 


A Team Effort  

The company’s workforce includes a dedicated team of professionals who work with utmost sincerity and dedication to help make the best products. The HG-75 Guardian Water Heater Treatment Filter and Housing is one of the most popular brand’s products.