For more than a hundred years, Halsted has supported packaging distributors across the globe. The brand does not solicit or sell to end-users. Its distributors are its business. The company is family-owned and is in operation since 1876. The brand handles the sourcing, quality control, import logistics, financing, warehousing, and distribution for packaging products. Find a range of Halsted products here at DK Hardware. 


Company Profile

Being in the industry for over 145 years, the Halsted Corporation is one of the nation’s oldest bag and packaging companies. It was started in 1876 as a manufacturing business by E.S. Halsted. Its headquarters was located in downtown Manhattan. For more than a hundred years, the brand has specialized in manufacturing bags for all trades – from burlap sandbags found in military bunkers in Vietnam to potato sacks used by local farmers. 

The Origins 

In 1927, the brand’s owner, Mr. Halsted, felt the need to expand the manufacturing facility. So, he purchased land in Jersey City, New Jersey, and built the 45000 square foot factory where Halsted remained until 2016. With the new facility producing more than 2000 bags per hour, a 1929 edition of Bags Magazine named Halsted as “one of the most up to date bag plants in the country.” 


Getting a Partner 

Mr. Halsted hired Henry Jaszewski in 1944, as an assistant bookkeeper for his company. Although only a part-time employee, Henry formed a close relationship with Mr. Halsted and gradually worked his way up the next thirty years – from being an assistant treasurer, vice president, and eventually becoming the president and part-owner of the company. After the passing away of Mr. Halsted in 1974, Henry assumed sole ownership of the company.

Worldwide Expansion 

Under the guidance and leadership of Henry, Halsted expanded worldwide and began servicing packaging distributors outside the New York metropolitan area. The brand has many trusted manufacturing partners in Bangladesh, China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Korea, and Cambodia. In 2016, they moved the headquarters to a state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Cranbury, New Jersey, where it remains today with nearly 150,000 sq. ft of distribution space. 


Portfolio of Products 

Today, the Halsted brand is known worldwide for making the highest quality of products. One of the most popular products the brand sells is sandbags. They are manufactured from tough materials and do an excellent job of protecting your home, property, or business from flooding.