What We Do  

We provide customers all over the world with the best and most economical valve solutions to meet their demanding specifications.  

Our Reach 

Our company is an international organization on both the supply and sales sides of the business.  

Our Designs  

Our designs and manufacturing capabilities translate directly to our ability to deliver quality valve solutions. 

Our Workforce  

Our well-staffed engineering department, with groups in each of our factory operations, support the manufacturing of our many products.  

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Our factory operations are supported by our relentless reinvestment in equipment and machine tools, which enables us to maintain very tight quality control on the manufacturing of our parts. 

Company Profile  

Hammond Valve founded in 1911 and was taken over by the Milwaukee Valve Company in 1991. Over the years, the company now consists of over 5,000 items, used in an extensive range of applications and industries, from small plumbing valves used in the basement of your home, to large commercial and industrial valves. 

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