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DKHardware has a wide range of construction hardware products including fasteners and cabinet hardware, door closers, door locks and hinges, Read more duct and safety tape, weather strips and weatherization kits. We offer you the best prices on most demanded door hardware items. We carry a full line of door closers, door hinges, door locks, parts and door accessories.

Door hardware encompasses all components that hold a door in place and operate it: hinges, locks, handles, knobs, bolts, exit devices, door stops, holders, and accessories, such as weather stripping and duct tape.

If you are looking for cabinet knobs, pulls, cabinet handles, bin or cup pulls, drop pulls or others, than DKHardware store is right for you. We offer a best selection of cabinet hardware along with construction sealants, tapes and adhesives.

Door closers

A door closer is proposed to make sure a door closes automatically when a person exits or enters through a door.  There are multiple of reasons a door is demanded to close automatically:

  1. the door must be locked at all times;
  2. animals or insects must be out of the building;
  3. heat (or air conditioning) must be kept in the building;


Locks of commercial-quality have added features that provide facilities with increased security, such as reinforced metal, a longer throw on the latch, and additional locking functions.

Handles and Hinges

The type of hinge depends on the door mount and function. For example, spring hinges use a spring as an automatic closer and are best used on doors that don’t receive a big traffic. Swing-clear hinges are bent so a door can open fully, allowing a clear opening.

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