Our Philosophy   

Hodell-Natco offers several valuable services apart from improving the efficiency of our customers’ supply chains.  



Our Core Values   

Our customers see our core values reflected in the service we provide to them daily.  

Quality Assurance   

Hodell-Natco works hard to satisfy our customers through consistent, reliable business practices.   



Customer Confidence  

We undertake significant measures to improve all aspects of quality in our supply chain. 

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The quality of our products and services is of utmost importance to our customers, so we set strict quality measures in place to ensure our customers receive maximum performance every time they use one of our products.  

Company Profile  

Hodell-Natco Industries is a wholesale distributor of fasteners and chains. We develop unique solutions for each of our customers, and we offer the flexibility to do business in a way that adds the most value for our customers.

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