HoldRite is a leading manufacturer of innovative product solutions, such as firestop sleeving systems, DWV testing systems, plumbing & bracket solutions, and more. Cover your plumbing projects with Holdrite now – Holdrite product range.

Company Profile 

With the aim and ambition to provide world-class service, Holdrite has established a reputation as a top manufacturer famous for innovative, high-quality products and services in categories such as pex tubing and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, steel brackets, clamps and more. The company also offers value-added no-cost services to the contractor, wholesaler, and engineer to assist with multiple stages in the project.

Advanced Solutions  

For over 30 years, HoldRite has converted makeshift methods into highly engineered solutions for all our loyal customers.  

Understanding Plumbers 

We know plumbers like no other company. Understanding and retaining their perspective has been in our DNA since our founding. 

Always Innovative 

We recognize that our value comes from consistently providing innovative product solutions to the plumbing industry. 


Our Reach   

Our products are used in a wide variety of construction projects, including single- and multi-family residential, healthcare, etc.