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Coat hooks can be mounted virtually anywhere - on a wall, for simple convenient storage, or on a rack, to Read more


Coat hooks can be mounted virtually anywhere - on a wall, for simple convenient storage, or on a rack, to organize and feature a number of items. The coat hooks we use today have been in use, in remarkably consistent styles, since the height of the Roman Empire. We speculate that the very first human who owned a garment used some kind of knob or projection (perhaps on the wall of a cave?) to keep her bearskin robe off the ground. Medieval blacksmiths hammered curved posts out of iron for shop-keepers, bishops and kings. The style of coat hook we're familiar with today evolved from more primitive designs in 18th century England. Victorian ladies and gentlemen treasured the warm glow of polished brass and used wall-mounted brass hooks to store their heavy coats, cloaks, and capes. The modern coat hanger, invented in 1869, was originally developed as a wall-mounted coat hanger designed to preserve the shape of a person's shoulders. In modern homes, we install wall-mounted coat hooks near entryways to hang jackets, umbrellas, handbags, backpacks, and occasionally unruly children from. Use them for just about anything you might forget before heading out the door. Brass coat hooks are attractive as well as durable. Whether your pleasure is solid brass, steel, or another alloy, we've got what you need in colors to match your decor. Warm colors like polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze look great in an earth-tone room. Brighter colors, like polished chrome or polished nickel, accent a more contemporary design. DK Hardware stocks top-quality coat hooks in a variety of designs that are both functional and attractive. Whatever you hang from them, your coat hooks will help keep your stuff off the ground, nicely organized, and conveniently at hand.

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