Hudson 90162 2 Gal. SUPER SPRAYER

$61.36 /each


Hudson products make life easier with their sprayers that are designed for wood deck maintenance, removing wallpaper, mildew control, and many other applications. Find our product range here!

Company Profile 

With a strong focus on understanding key markets, we at HD Hudson MFG analyze the growing demand and needs of sprayer users in different markets such as gardening, industrial areas, agriculture, pest control, turf care, and public health. HD Hudson MFG assimilates this knowledge and provides you with an array of top-notch spraying products that are sure to exceed the needs of domestic and international partners. 

What We Do    

HD Hudson MFG products are designed to protect your landscaping investment and the environment with hand sprayers that sanitize and disinfect your space.   


Our Aim  

Being a global leader, we at HD Hudson MFG strive to improve community health through disease vector control. 

Our Specialty  

We specialize in the innovation, design, and manufacturing of pressurized sprayers, primarily for the lawn and garden market.  


What We Offer 

Hudson products include a wide selection of sprayers like trigger sprayers, super sprayers, and backpack sprayers that are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.