Intermatic, Inc

Our Aim  


Intermatic products bring solutions, big and small, to contractors, OEMs, facility managers, and homeowners.   

Our Reach

Though we are headquartered in North America, our products still have a firm global reach.

Our Vision

Customer needs and market demands have driven the company‚Äôs evolution from its inception. 

Our Mantra 

Our success is the result of reliable products, forward-thinking, and the support of a high-caliber group of employees.  

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Being a family-owned company that has been around for over a century puts us in a unique position where our culture is continuously evolving as it strives to stay competitive. There is and has always been a strong sense of pride among employees who care deeply about providing high-quality, energy-efficient products to our customers. 

Company Profile  

Intermatic Incorporated develops, manufactures, and distributes time-based energy control products. Our company offers time-based controls, photo controls, residential surge protection, weatherproof covers, low voltage transformers, and pool and spa controls. Intermatic serves commercial, industrial, government, and residential sectors. 

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