Rescue Hardware 

Ideal for use in schools and institutions, IVES rescue hardware features a strike that allows swing movement of bi-directional doors. 


Bolts, Latches, and Guards 

IVES bolts, catches, latches, and guards are designed to assist and secure doors. 


Knockers and Viewers 

IVES door knockers and viewers provide a safe, functional, and stylish way to see and hear visitors on the other side of a door. 

Lock Guards 

Uniquely designed to offer maximum security, IVES exterior hardware resists rough weather and solves all types of security problems. 


Decorative Pulls and Hooks 

IVES decorative door pulls and hooks elegantly enhance the look of a door while also fulfilling door hardware needs. 


Floor and Wall Stops 

IVES offers a full line of wall holders, bumpers, kick downs, and hinge pin stops designed to protect doors from impact damage. 

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IVES features an expansive portfolio of premium-quality building hardware and accessories that deliver superior value and application flexibility. Their product lines include hinges, pivots, pulls, strikes, door trim, flush bolts, lock guards, protection plates, and other hardware accessories. 

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As a brand of Allegion, IVES has served as an industry-leading door accessory for more than 120. With a full line of premium-quality building hardware, Ives provides quality products that are durable, tough, and attractive.  Available in a complement of designer finishes, Ives accessories harmonize seamlessly for a comprehensive, secure and attractive door solution.

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