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Authorized Service Centers 

JET machinery company has several authorized service centers across the USA equipped with qualified technicians to help troubleshoot, order, and repair. 


Reliable engineering and manufacturing are the essence of every JET machine. Our products are built and tested with tight tolerance standards. 

Innovative Products  

JET equipment and tools are designed to ensure consistent quality with precision operations. Our products include lever hoists, impact wrenches, standing drills, and many more.

The JET Advantage  

Owned by JPW Industries, JET Tools supplies products that you can depend on for quality, innovation, and exceptional service.   


Industry Leader  

We at JET Tools have worked to make our company an industry leader since our founding more than 50 years ago. 

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Over the years, JET product lines have grown and distribution centers have increased. But one thing has remained the same: JET's reputation for quality products with the best features. JET Tools has expert teams of engineers, both in the USA and overseas, that are supported by a world-class supply chain that ensures timely delivery of quality products. 

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Company Profile 

Founded on 1958 by Leslie P. Sussman, JET Tools is a well-established business that is committed supplier of quality, innovation, and service. The team at JET Tools has worked hard to make this possible with its broad product portfolio. JET power tools are widely used by manufacturing professionals in plants, machine shops, and workshops and homes across the United States. Also, the company takes pride in bringing new solutions to the consumers and working with world-class distributors.

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