Who We Are 

Kantech is a part of Tyco Security Products and was founded in 1986. We design and market integrated access control technologies that are ready to use. 


Compact and Intensified 

Our solutions implement a compact, entry-level system for smaller companies and advanced software for intensified capabilities for enterprise-scale purposes. 


Kantech Responsibility 

We, at Kantech, believe in working responsibly for our consumers, for the communities where we work, and our more importantly, towards our environment. 

Innovative Solutions 

Kantech works with a mission to advance fire safety and security by its innovative solutions and to protect people where they live and work. 


Reliability and Service 

Team Kantech knows the significance of quality products and customer service, and we dedicate ourselves to providing both.  


Access Control  

Kantech offers ingenious integration with intrusion detection and telephone entry systems that can be managed from a unified software package. 

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Kantech offers a full suite of feature-rich and cost-effective access control products that are reliable and easy to install. Our products ensure a compact, entry-level solution for small-scale companies. At the same time, the EntraPass access control software incorporates the powerful KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers providing improved systems for where high security is needed. 

Company profile 

Kantech was established in 1986 as a part of Tyco Security Products. We design, develop, and market access control solutions. Understanding the significance of quality products and service, and Kantech dedicated itself to providing both for its customers. 

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