Klein Tools

Klien Legacy 

Established in 1857 by Mathias Klein and has since been operated by his descendants to the fifth generation. We have grown and developed with the telecommunications and electrical industries. 


Extensive Portfolio 

Today our product portfolio has expanded to almost every significant type of hand tool used in construction, mining, general industry, and also to the electrical and telecommunications fields.  

Global Market 

Klien's line of products is available globally through a well-connected network of agents and distributors who supply the products that are in demand for their particular markets. 

Uncompromising Standards 

By using quality materials, excellent workmanship, and our production close to home, Klien Tools is able to uphold its uncompromising standards. 

Our Mission 

We continuously pursue global leadership in the design, production, and marketing of our products and services. We aim to satisfy the requirement of professionals and DIYers alike. 

American Manufacturing 

Klein Tools manufactures in U.S. manufacturing, ensuring reliability, authenticity, and durability of its products. We are dedicated to maintaining our place as the favorite among electricians. 

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A single tool is what it takes to turn a job that needs doing into a job well done. To give a severe problem, a simple solution, to make a vision of the future reality of today. In 1857, Klien tools developed a pair of single pliers for the tradesmen. Over the next six generations, that simple tool turned into millions. 

Company Profile 

The ever-growing family of Klien engineers, workers, and craftsmen continue to commit to the quality, durability, and precision that defines Klien's relationship. We understand the power of a single tool, the ability to represent not just a profession, but the livelihood. From forging to machining, from heat-treating to polishing, Klien Tools is dedicated to producing tools that people trust. 


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