Long-Term Perspective 

Our company continually reinvests the bulk of our earnings in operational excellence, thus driving in long-term success and character of the Kohler organization. 

Strong Leadership 

We take pride in our leaders who have been strong, self-reliant, and holding the courage to grow, diversify, and take the needed risks to move the company forward.  


Kohler designs solutions that don't just look elegant and perform especially well, but also use lesser amounts of water. 


We believe that constant endeavor leads to success. Our associates continuously move ahead, focusing on sustainability and stewardship.  

Rich Company Culture 

We owe our progress to a clear sense of purpose and a corporate culture which promotes creating innovative products, new markets, and niches. 

Sense & Sensibility 

Kohler strives to maintain high-quality in all its products and services to delight the senses and sensibility of its customers.  

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The story of Kohler began in 1837 and continues to unfold across generations. It's an entrepreneurial story of passion and strife and a human story of lifting one another to a more gracious life. We carry the torch of passion and ingenuity sparking new chapters of discovery and lighting the path forward for generations to come. 

Company profile 

Ever since Kohler Co. began its journey in 1837, it has been increasing the standards of elegant living by offering outstanding solutions and services for our customers and their lifestyles. We strongly believe better business and a better world go a long way together. Driven by the enthusiasm of thousands of associates globally, we endeavor to improve the quality of life for present and future generations. 

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