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Krylon Story
Krylon, Inc., was founded in 1947 by a Philadelphia businessman, Howard E. Kester, who revolutionized the paint industry.

Extensive Product Portfolio
Our product portfolio extends beyond home use. Krylon also delivers multi-purpose, brush-on, specialty, rust preventative, plastic, and craft solutions.

Eco-friendly Designs 

Krylon┬« aerosol strives to be eco-friendly by designing cans that are made from recycled steel and are intended for recycling when empty.  

First to Market 

Krylon innovated a way to combine his coatings into an aerosol paint that had many advantages over the brush-on method.

For the Community 

Our contributions and commitments to our community extend far beyond the products and services we provide. 

An Industry Color Leader 

Krylon stands apart in product innovation, package design, project inspiration, and color.  

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Krylon┬« Products began its journey in 1947 as Foster & Kester. We introduced brush-on, clear protective acrylic coatings that were used in the large-scale art market. Kester innovatively created a way to blend his layers into aerosol paint, motivated by the DuPont Corporation's development of a formula that combined gas and liquid into a single spray can. 

Company profile 

Since it came into the business in 1947, Krylon has revolutionized the paint industry. Today we are the world's most significant supplier of aerosol paints. Our Company specializes in product innovation, package design, project inspiration, as well as color. The Krylon product range extends beyond the interiors and into your backyard with its variety of multi-purpose, plastic, rust-proof, brush-on, and craft solutions. 

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