Company Profile
Found in 1818 as New England Glass Company, the LIBBEY GLASS INC designs and manufactures glass tableware that is used in the foodservice industry. The company which originally started in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, was moved to Toledo, Ohio by Edward Drummond Libbey in 1888. Over the years, Libbey has become synonymous to quality glassware and tabletop products throughout the world. Boasting hundreds of novel products with a wide number of applications, Libbey glass is available in a full spectrum of varieties for any occasion.

As a perennial forerunner in the glass tableware industry, Libbey sets a new tabletop industry standard for strength, stability, and opportunity.

Inventors of the Trade
Libbey’s legacy of industry leadership and innovation dates back to the impacts of Edward Drummond Libbey and Michael Owens, who are credited as the inventors of modern glassmaking.

America's No. 1
With an annual sales record of over 1 billion glasses, Libbey Glass is America’s No. 1 glass tableware company.

Innovation as Strength
Libbey considers itself an innovative company that takes bold steps in the marketplace – a strategy that helps it beat its competition.

Transforming for Tomorrow
Libbey believes in growth from a position of strength and has transformed its culture, processes, and business practices to achieve it.

The Best of Technology
OPTIMELT technology is considered Libbey’s best strategic opportunity and investment. The acquisition has added strength to its operations.

Strength. Stability. Opportunity.
As a perennial forerunner in the glass tableware industry, Libbey sets new tabletop industry standards for strength, stability, and opportunity.