Lutron Electronics Co.

Our Story 

Lutron is a private corporation led by our founder’s simple but deep principles. We boast of a long history of notable growth and forward innovations. 

Quality & Design 

Lutron has developed the technology of lighting control while sustaining the highest position in the market by concentrating on excellent quality and design. 

Our First Priority
For Lutron, the customer is the number one priority and the reason we exist as a company. We take care of our customers with superior goods and services.

Keep People Comfortable
Lutron solutions are the best in the industry, with a priority to keep homes safe and people comfortable.

Industry Leader
Lutron leads the industry in premium lighting controls for fluorescent, incandescent, magnetic & electronic low-voltage, and LED sources of light.

Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven organization. Our innovative solutions have resulted in various patents across the globe.

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In almost 50 years of innovation and customer service, Lutron has developed hundreds of lighting control devices and systems. We have expanded our product lines by offering over 15,000 solutions. Lutron light control solutions range from dining-room dimmers to complete light management systems that regulate entire building complexes. 

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Company profile 

Lutron began its journey in the late 1950s in Joel Spira’s makeshift lab located in New York City. Joel and Ruth Spira consolidated Lutron Electronics knowing that lighting control could contribute to the community in varied ways. The company has developed the technology of lighting control while leading the market by focusing on outstanding quality and design. 

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