Professionals working in industrial environments need specialized gear that performs in stressful, rugged environments. Mechanix Wear offers industrial work gloves designed to offer protection against a range of traumatic injuries including burns, cuts, and broken bones.

Mechanix Wear’s hardware work gloves - Material4X® abrasion-resistant gloves and DuraHide™ leather gloves - are designed for tradesman and hardcore do-it-yourselfers to offer protection from impact and abrasion injuries.

Cold Weather
Heat retention is important in cold work environments, and not just any glove will do the needful. Mechanix Wear offers excellent Cold Weather gloves that come with insulation and waterproof glove technology to offer heat retention.

Designed for use in military, shooting sports and law enforcement environments, Mechanix Wear’s patrol gloves, high-dexterity precision shooting gloves, and flame-resistant tactical gloves meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts.

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Safety-First Commitment
Mechanix Wear’s dedication to industry leading material technology, anatomical design, and rigorous testing standards, has made it a global standard for safety gear.

Company Profile
Mechanix Wear, Inc., is based in Valencia, California, USA. The company which was found in 1991 manufactures safety gear for safety, industrial, racing, automotive, tactical, commercial, garden and cold weather settings. With a strong commitment towards safety and protection, Mechanix Wear has earned the trust of millions of people from different industries, around the world. Following the safety-first sentiment, Mechanix Wear manufactures high-quality safety gear that fits like a glove, and offer standard protection. Looking beyond conventional ideas, the company innovates advanced tools for working hands.

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