Driven by our vision to excel and exceed our customers' expectations, we provide innovative solutions for integrated wiping to keep hygiene and cleanliness. Our customer-focused service team collaborates with stakeholders to develop strategic solutions to satisfy customers' needs.  Find a range of Mercantile Development, Inc. products here at DK Hardware. 

Company Profile

Mercantile Development, Inc is a global leader in professional-grade non-woven wiping products to fulfill the needs of critical cleaning applications. We at MDI are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products to exceed our customers' expectations. This vision of our brand keeps us motivated to thrive for excellence in all portals. Experts at MDI stay in touch with stakeholders to ensure we develop products that fit all environments while maintaining sustainability as an essential factor. We stick to the structured and systematic approach that helps our company always perform well as we strive for excellence. 

Responsible Business Practices   

We believe in using resources available to us responsibly to benefit the future of our generation. At MDI, we strive for operations that reduce environmental stress and create a safe workplace for our valued employees. We consider ecological aspects at every stage while maintaining the quality of our products.   


Committed to Quality   

Mercantile Development, Inc is a full-line manufacturer certified for designing and selling non-woven wiping products. We are one of the top companies in the industry to receive certifications for non-woven products in 2015. Our culture and vision keep us thriving for excellence, and we keep our quality at the top for customer satisfaction.  

75 Years of Expertise   

We at MDI are constantly working towards our design to manufacture products that align with the industry trends. Our company is now under third-generation family leadership with WBENC-certified Women's Business Enterprise. High-tech equipment at our manufacturing units provides seamless changeovers and accuracy for hundreds of orders for Pro-Series products.   

Critical Cleaning Tools   

In the Pro-Series, we provide process-integrated wiping made with nonwoven materials for critical cleaning applications in workplaces. These products are perfect for clean manufacturing in pharmaceutical, electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and foodservice establishments. Find products from MDI at DK Hardware, including High-Performance Supreme Towel, Fold Dust Cloth, Optimum Performance Supreme Towel and many more.