Milwaukee 656024 12V DC Variable Speed Cordless Caulking Gun for Sausages

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Product Description



  • Includes 12 Volt Battery and One Hour Charger
  • Easily Dispenses High Viscosity Auto Urethanes
  • Interchangeable Front Ends Work with Standard Cartridges

This heavy-duty CRL Milwaukee 12V DC Cordless Caulking Gun makes manual caulking obsolete. A powerful pushing force of 620 pounds easily despenses high viscosity materials such as automotive urethanes. Gun features include: variable speed trigger for smooth start up and reduced fatigue; manual clutch release for rapid loading of material; auto reverse (stops sealant flow when trigger is released); auto shut off at the end of plunger rod travel; 360 Degree carriage rotation for easy work around corners and hard to reach areas. Guns are ordered pre-configured for the type of packaging to be used: standard 10 ounce cartridges; 29 ounce quart cartridges; 20 ounce sausage packs. Additional front ends and plunger rods can be special ordered to convert the gun to any confguration. All gun kits come standard with a 12V DC Battery Pack and One Hour Charger. The optional 14.4V DC 2.4 Amp-Hour Power Plus Battery Pack is also available. You can also order a Power-Plus Universal One Hour Charger or One Hour Vehicle Charger.

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