A Life-altering Accident
Al Moen came up with the idea of making single-handle-faucets in 1937, after burning his hands from a two-handle faucet.

Dream Come True
Moen’s work on single-handle-faucet was completed in 1939 and its manufacturing began in 1947. The first 12 faucets from the line were sold for $12 each.

Recognition and Demand
Moen gained national recognition in 1950 and entered the upscale market in 1970.
Moen introduced its two-handle faucet line with a washer-free cartridge in 1979 and introduced 1225 Magnum non-metallic cartridge in 1981.

Product Expansion
Moen introduced its Pure Touch filtering faucets in 1998.

Spa Experience at Homes
The company introduced its vertical spa experience with a customized shower and body spray choice, in 2000.

Best of Technology
Moen introduced its MotionSense faucets for hands-free convenience, in 2012.
After celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2014, Moen continues to deliver its exceptional products created using advanced technology.

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Decent. Efficient. Thoughtful

Dedicated to designing and delivering aesthetically appealing and functionally efficient products, Moen has thoughtfully leveraged the opinions of architects, designers, and consumers to achieve the right products in the right tones and degrees of sheen ideal for elevating any environment.

Company Profile
Established by Al Moen in 1956, Moen is North America’s number 1 faucet brand that designs superior quality kitchen and bath faucets, kitchen sinks, showerheads, accessories, garbage disposals, and bath safety products. The company uses innovation to deliver useful products with thoughtful features. The company uses customer insights to drive its design process.

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