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About Mueller Industries, Inc

Manufactures parts for Plumbing, Heating, Refrigeration, HVAC and other industries.

Company Profile 

Since 1917, Mueller Industries has built its well-earned reputation by providing high-quality products. Through our various operations and brands, we now supply a global audience with a broad offering of products. Our companies support many different markets, industries, customers, and channels. Our principal business segments include Piping Systems, Climate Products, and Industrial Metals. Every day our products can be found as critical components in applications ranging from potable water distribution to automotive drive trains to household appliances to radar defense systems, and more, quietly doing their part to make life and business better.

For over a century, Mueller has made parts for plumbing, heating, refrigeration, HVAC, and many other crucial applications. We take our role seriously in the industries we support and, most importantly, in the lives of the people we serve. Check out our product line here at DK Hardware.

Our Dedication 

Mueller Industries is dedicated to the businesses we serve. We also maintain expertise, support, and innovation for our channel associates.

Customer Satisfaction 

We understand that quality products, packaging, inventory management, and reliable market information are essential to customer satisfaction.

Combined Knowledge 

The combined knowledge we gained from the many different markets and industries we worked in is crucial to supporting our customers.

Broad Offering   

Mueller Industries supplies a broad range of products to a global audience through our various operations and brands.

Markets and Industries  

Mueller Industries and our associates understand the needs and challenges of various consumers and distribution channels. 

Advanced Solutions 

Mueller Industries provides advanced B2B solutions that add value to all types of distribution channels and consumers.