Bringing water to life. for life.




Pentair harnesses the force of water into a force for good. It empowers people to move water, improve water, and enjoy water so that they can live their best, healthiest lives with a purpose and enjoyment. Find a range of Pentair products on DK Hardware website here.

Company Profile 

Founded in 1966 in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, Pentair is an industry-leading well-established brand that offers a broad range of smart and sustainable water solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces around the world. Our solutions aim to empower people and businesses to access clean safe water through the Pentair pool pump, Pentair heater, Pentair filter, and more. We also help in managing the world's most precious resource and, at the same time, enable people to improve, enjoy, or move water.

Innovation and Adaptability 

Delivering on the values of customer first, we win by innovation, adaptability, and responsibility for performance.   

High Performance 

Our focus is on developing high-performing, sustainable products that help our buyers make the most of water as life's essential resource. For example, water cartridges, pool filters, water valves, etc.

What We Aim 

Pentair aims at delivering intelligent and sustainable solutions that enable our customers to make the most of life's essential resource.  


Pentair Vision 

Our vision is to be the leading residential and commercial water treatment name built through professional employees and delivering for consumers.