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Innovative Solutions 

We at Neoperl provide original and advanced drinking water solutions to the plumbing industries across the world. 

Global Presence 

The Neoperl Group employs around 1,800 people in 16 countries worldwide. With our global presence, we supply leading faucet, plumbing, & appliance manufacturers (OEMs) as well as the commercial and retail businesses in many countries. 

Social Responsibility 

We understand our responsibility towards our environment, and thus our products contribute to climate and environmental preservation.

Know-how Transfer 

We consider local conditions to develop country-specific solutions and develop innovative products in close association with our international sales unit. 

Roots & Values 

As a family-run business, we benefit from a quick decision-making process. While remaining true to our roots, we are ready to tap into new markets across the world. 

State-of-the-art Technology 

We depend on advanced technology and a high level of automation to maintain our leading position with high-quality products. 


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A  leading  partner  for high-quality  plumbing  components,  the  Neoperl  group, offers  drinking  water  solutions that  are  custom-made  to  your area  and  your requirements. We  commit  ourselves to  continuous  improvement,  accommodating  changing  situations, and  implementing  new  approaches. 

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Company Profile

Established in 1958, Neoperl has, for long, been a loyal partner for our customers. We focus on developing, producing, and marketing drinking water solutions across the globe. With our offices in several countries, we are never far from our consumers, and this closeness provides an intensive transfer of ideas and, resulting in relevant solutions. 

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