Welcome to the water revolution. We saved your seat. 


Did  you  know  that  only  1%  of  all  the  world's  water  is  fit  to  use?  And  while  that  1%  shrinks  every  day,  we're  wasting  it  like  there  is  no  tomorrow.  It's  time  to  get  smarter  with  our  water.  Welcome  to  the  water  revolution.  We  saved  your  seat. 

Company profile

Niagara is a company that started as an idea to save water now is an industry-leading manufacturer of highly innovative plumbing products. Our brand uses revolutionary technology to deliver exceptional performance and drive significant savings while making a meaningful impact on our world. 

How Niagara was Born 

Bill Cutler founded Energy Limiting Systems in 1977 and created the very first Niagara brand showerhead. The popularity of the showerhead soon encouraged Mr. Bill to rename the company after it, and thus Niagara was born. 

From Garage to Riches 

The company that grew out of a garage has grown into a multi-million-dollar organization. Niagara has become a well-known name with innovative techniques for conservation for a growing customer base of utility companies, government leaders, etc.  

Niagara Focus 

We at Niagara aim at focusing on the needs and expectations of our customers. We prefer to grow with the spirit of a small company, and our customers mean the world to us. 

A Smarter Way 

We at Niagara believe that small decisions can make a world of difference, and that why we design high-performance and innovative products that change everyday acts into a powerful force for saving green.