Norcon Technologies, Inc

Our Origin
With his wife Connie's support, Norman established Norcon in 1952, starting with a small budget and the first alphabets of their names.

Engineered Solutions
Norcon has since then designed and patented the Talk-Thru Units that provide an easy and efficient way to communicate through a pane of glass or any barrier. 

Dependable & Versatile
Our Talk-Thru Units are widely used worldwide, from the most exclusive hotels to your local sports center.

Pandemic Saviours
During the COVID-19, our units have played an important role in isolating & protecting employees & customers. 

Exponential Growth
As Norcon's reputation has grown exponentially over the years, it has grown to be the most popular Audio/Visual Integrator in the New York Area. 

Our Legacy
Norcon is still a family-owned and operated enterprise as it continues the legacy of committed service and innovative solutions.

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Talk-Thru Units from Norcon are the world's preferred way to talk through a glass partition or any barrier. It enables your customers and employees to communicate without background noise. Norcon Communications has provided the highest quality units for plush resorts, transits, and movie theatres. 

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Company Profile

For more than 65 years, Norcon Communications has been the preferred communication provider for the most challenging applications. Our products offer a wealth of intelligent systems to various facilities like toll-booths, jails, etc., where communication is as important as security.

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