About Oatey

Offering high-quality plumbing products for residential as well as commercial plumbing applications.

Company Profile

Established in 1916, Oatey has been a leading supplier of reliable and high-quality plumbing solutions for residential and large-scale industries. Adapting to customers' evolving needs, Oatey consistently delivers hardware that represents quality, builds trust, and enriches lives. With a diverse range of over 6,000 products, Oatey caters to a broad clientele, including professional builders, contractors, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts across North America. The commitment at Oatey extends beyond products; it's a dedication to innovative solutions that withstand the test of time.

Oatey's extensive product line showcases a commitment to delivering top-notch solutions for plumbing needs. The product portfolio includes a variety of solvent cement like PVC Cement, versatile primers such as Primer Purple Lovoc, and innovative accessories like Access Panel and Strainer Screw-In Square. Additionally, the range features pipe hangers like J-Hook Pipe Hanger and repair solutions such as Ring Repair Flange Fix-It. With offerings like PVC cement, cleaners, filters, and repair flanges, Oatey ensures reliability and durability in every product. The diverse range caters to various materials and specifications, embodying Oatey's dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the plumbing industry. Each product line-up item reflects Oatey's legacy of quality and innovation that has been upheld since its establishment in 1916.

Customer-Centric Approach to Plumbing Solutions 

Oatey's commitment to exceptional service is embedded in its customer-centric approach, providing a seamless experience for individuals, contractors, and plumbing professionals. From prompt product selection assistance to reliable post-purchase support, Oatey goes beyond the sale. The dedicated customer service team is poised to address inquiries, offer valuable product information, and provide solutions, reflecting Oatey's dedication to ensuring every interaction contributes positively to the overall customer experience.

Quality Assurance, Convenient Access 

Oatey's extensive range of plumbing products, boasting over 6,000 offerings, is conveniently accessible on DK Hardware, providing customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico with easy access to top-notch solutions. This availability on DK Hardware comes with the added benefits of diverse product selection, seamless online shopping experiences, reliable customer reviews, and the convenience of doorstep delivery, ensuring that Oatey's quality plumbing solutions reach customers with efficiency and satisfaction.



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