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Motivated attitude 

We at Omega Flex®, work with an attitude that is engineering-driven, motivated to meet the most rigorous performance specifications for all its customers. 

Reputed mark 

We have made a mark in the market through exceptional engineering technology and design, outstanding customer service, and punctual delivery.  

Exceptional service 

Our experienced customer service department works in conjunction with the sales support team and engineering faculty to meet the consumers' specific application & shipping demands. 

Innovative Technology 

Employing the most innovative production technologies, we produce the highest quality metal hose Products for industrial, and residential applications.  

ISO9001 certified 

Since Omega Flex is registered to ISO9001, our products are subject to complete design analysis, validation, & verifying before the product is released. 

Dedication to safety 

We offer highly engineered, most resilient, safe, and economical Flexible Metal Hose Products in the market. 

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Omega  Flex®  is  an industry-leading  supplier  of  quality-engineered  flexible  metal  piping  products  that  meet  advanced  several industrial,  residential,  and  commercial  applications.  We  develop with  a  dedication  to  safety  and  value  ensuring  that  all  our flexible  metal  hose  and  products  offer  long-lasting  reliable performance. 

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Company profile 

Founded in 1975, Omega Flex® is the dominant global producer of flexible metallic piping hardware. Omega Flex® provides exclusive products for a wide number of applications and markets. We take pride in more than 200 patents registered worldwide. 

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