About Omnia

Manufacturing innovative architectural hardware like Cabinet Knobs, Switchplates, Door Stops, Flush Pulls, Locksets, Bolts, Door Pulls, and more.


Company Profile

OMNIA Industries, Inc., founded in 1964, pioneered affordable decorative hardware with stylish designs. Committed to innovation and personalized service, it has become a recognized name in the industry, esteemed by architects and designers. OMNIA distributes its line globally through top retail showrooms and wholesalers. It has a strong presence in the United States and exports to Canada, Central America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and other Far East locations. Its products adorn residential and commercial spaces worldwide. OMNIA's philosophy prioritizes tailored customer service and a commitment to excellence, guiding every aspect of the business. This dedication has elevated OMNIA to a leading name brand, thriving and inspiring in the industry.

Omnia, a distinguished provider of architectural hardware, exhibits a diverse and refined collection epitomizing a dedication to excellence in design and functionality. Manufacturing innovative architectural hardware like the Cabinet Knobs, Switchplates, Latchsets, Hinges , Door Stops, Flush Pulls, Locksets , Bolts, Door Pulls, and more. Some of the fast-moving products include the Round Cabinet Knob with Backplate, Single Rocker Modern Switchplate , Modern Square Cabinet Knob, Single Outlet Receptacle Beaded Switchplate, Floor Door Stop, Single Rocker Traditional Switchplate, and Oval Flush Pull, among others. This showcase underscores Omnia's commitment to innovative design and highlights its dedication to serving residential and commercial spaces. In partnership with DK Hardware, Omnia ensures accessibility to its premium products, reinforcing its position as an industry leader devoted to shaping spaces with a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Legacy in Architectural Hardware

At the core of OMNIA's success is the unwavering commitment of our team, from friendly customer service to meticulous craftsmanship, defining a tradition of excellence that sets us apart in the competitive architectural hardware market. The longevity and loyalty of team members, some with over two decades of experience, embody experience, wisdom, and dedication, forming a foundation for success and contributing to day-to-day operations. Seasoned professionals mentor newer team members, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and progress.

A Holistic Customer Journey

In adopting a holistic service approach, the customer's journey transforms into a collaborative partnership, where understanding their unique projects, challenges, and aspirations becomes paramount. Going beyond mere hardware provision, we become integral collaborators in the creation of enduring and inspiring spaces. Access premium OMNIA products conveniently on the DK Hardware ecommerce website, enjoying the benefits of a diverse range, home delivery, and secure transactions for a seamless integration of solutions into your projects.



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