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Patio doors are highly energy efficient because they can be kept closed all the time without blocking the view. Usually, Read more


Patio doors are highly energy efficient because they can be kept closed all the time without blocking the view. Usually, architects prefer to install it as an entryway to garden or balcony with tempered glass so that the view remains clear without allowing insects and pests inside the space. When you have small kids at home, they are likely to play with these patio doors, and hence, you must make sure to install a lock on the same. The locking system of patio doors is very simple and effective as it remains far from the reach of children and cannot be opened with extreme manual force also. For more protection, you can also install a cylindrical keyed lockset so that it remains firmly closed when you are out on a vacation.  

We have lock keeper plates with pre-drilled holes, door latch lever, and mortise locksets that can be installed very easily. The parts of these locksets are available separately for you to repair your old patio door locks. DK Hardware brings a very cost-effective solution for you that can last for a long period of time without giving up on its service. These locks have very well assembled parts that do not rust even in humid conditions. You can install these locks with the help of simple tools without the need for any extra set of hands. For further details about the products, you can contact our online executive through chat and one of them will help you with your queries.   

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CRL HA0208W White Milgard Door Keeper
$15.07 / Each
CRL HA423WH White Milgard Sliding Door Latch Lever
$5.90 / Package
CRL E2192 Four-Point Mortise Lock
$51.41 / Each
CRL E2017 3/4" Wide Stainless Steel Lock Keeper with 2-3/4" Screw Holes
$6.00 / Package
CRL E2124 White 2-1/2" Extruded Aluminum Keeper - Viking Doors
$2.97 / Package
CRL E2040 Chrome 3/4" Wide Lock Keeper with 1-11/16" Screw Holes
$4.64 / Package
CRL E2105 Stamped Aluminum 13/32" Wide Sliding Glass Door Lever Lock
$14.52 / Package
CRL E2120 3/4" Wide Aluminum Lock Keeper with 1-3/4" Screw Holes
$5.03 / Package
CRL E2800 Mortise Lock for the C1275
$92.81 / Each
CRL E2127 Slide Latch Assembly for Guaranteed Products
$14.48 / Package
CRL E2082 Chrome 1/2" Wide Lock Keeper With 1-11/16" Screw Holes
$3.45 / Package
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