Design made right

Our Inspiration 

Our motivation comes from an in-depth understanding of the latest designs and trends that have been prevalent in the past. 

Our Responsibility 

We at Pfister feel are constantly improve, delivering eco-friendly models and strengthening them with advanced technologies.

Our Team 

The design team coordinates with our marketing and engineering units to make sure the products are designed according to customer preferences.


Our History 

Originally known as Price Pfister, Pfister was established by Emil Price and William Pfister in LA in 1910.

Our Quality 

We continually make enhancements through advanced production techniques and testing, for delivering a value-based product. 

Our Service 

Our faucets and other products come with a promise of being leak-free and a guarantee on finish and their function.

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At  Pfister,  our  brand  promises  to  enhance  your  everyday  experience  with water  through  thoughtfully  crafted  fixtures.  We deliver  through  complete  integrity,  regard  and  teamwork,  and  positivity. We  make  faucets  with  a  purpose to  make  sense  to  your  life  and  improve  it  in  a  small  but  real  way. 

Company Profile 

With over a century of experience in the faucet industry, Pfister is a globally renowned company specializing in innovation, design, and product value. Quality, performance, service, and cost-effectiveness being the foundation of our company, we deliver innovative products that are elegant, practical, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Our designers work in unison with our sales and technical teams to ensure that products are designed, keeping in mind customer demands, preferences, and manufacturing innovations. 

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