Premier provider of coatings and finishes, featuring Stain and Sealer Maximum, Wood Finish Lacquer Spray, Waterproofer SmartGuard, Brushing Lacquer, Polyurethane, Deck Cleaners and more.

Company Profile

PPG is a leading force in coatings and finishes, transcending traditional paint. We are a dynamic blend of experts, innovators, leaders, and collaborators dedicated to ensuring successful project outcomes. Our products, meticulously designed for diverse needs, harness cutting-edge technology from sectors like aerospace and marine. With over 135 years of industry evolution, our global expertise caters to a wide array of professionals, including painting contractors, designers, industrial painters, new homebuilders, property and facility managers, and multi-family projects. Our flexible and reliable team, driven by passion and curiosity, stands ready to partner with you, addressing challenges and providing transformative solutions for every endeavor.

PPG, a leading provider of coatings and finishes, introduces a range of top-notch products such as Stain and Sealer Maximum, Wood Finish Lacquer Spray, Waterproofer SmartGuard, Brushing Lacquer, Polyurethane,  Deck Cleaner, Polyurethane Satin Clear Oil-Based, Polyurethane Semi-Gloss Clear Oil-Based, and Deck Cleaner. Olympic and Deft, two prominent brands under PPG, bring forth solutions that exemplify durability, performance, and a commitment to excellence. These products stand as examples of PPG's dedication to innovation and quality across diverse applications, ensuring customers receive the best in the world of coatings and finishes. Whether you're tackling a home improvement project or a professional in the field, PPG's comprehensive line-up caters to your needs, providing solutions that not only protect but also enhance the surfaces they touch.

Empowering Success

At PPG, commitment to service is ingrained in our identity, extending beyond the mere provision of products to delivering comprehensive solutions that empower success. This service ethos is grounded in collaborative partnerships with customers, ensuring tailored assistance for every project. Whether you're a painting contractor, designer, industrial painter, new homebuilder, or property manager, our dedicated team stands ready to provide support. Fueled by passion, curiosity, and flexibility, we are reliable partners who think on their feet to address your unique challenges.

Solutions for Every Need 

Boasting a history spanning over 135 years, our expertise reflects continuous growth and adaptation to the evolving needs of the paint industry. With a global perspective, informed by a deep understanding of market dynamics and diverse customer requirements worldwide, our commitment to service extends to PPG Building Renewal. PPG Brand's Olympic and Deft products are available on DK Hardware, providing a seamless buying experience, a wide variety, and secure payment options.