Delivering  engineered  designs  at  best,  Preferred  Industries  specializes  in  supplying  tooling,  systems,  and  equipment  to  the automotive  manufacturing  industry.  With  our  knowledgeable design,  engineering,  and  manufacturing  team,  we  work  upfront with  the  customers  to  streamline  the  production  process  flow and  develop  products  satisfying  the  demands  of  the  industry. 

Company profile 

Being a leading manufacturer of high-quality stretch-bend tooling and systems integration equipment, for over four decades, Preferred Industries has established its global presence. We believe that regardless of how complicated a complete production line is, it must be manageable to operate, adaptable, and economical. 

From Stamping Dies to Stretch-Bending 

Founded in 1977, Preferred Industries started out building stamping dies. From the early 80's it moved to manufacture high-quality automotive tools. 

Global Presence 

Privately owned American corporation, Preferred Industries deals in developing products that have supported businesses in the US, Canada, Europe, and China. 

Driving Force 

Our team's driving force is "Irrespective of how complicated a production line is, it must be manageable to operate, affordable, and adaptable wherever possible."  


We are a global supplier of industrial automation systems and we specialize in developing stretch-bending tooling and transfer solutions. 


The skilled staff works to smoothen the production, flow, optimization of material usage, and decrease costs. 

Make Things Happen 

With our proficiency ranging from product-process engineering and design to building complete "Turn-Key" systems, we build technology that works for you.