About Procter & Gamble

Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation.

Company profile 

From the products that are offered to the people hired, Procter and Gamble has always challenged the standard and motivated the future. We strive to find small but significant ways and develop products to enhance lives, not just for now and for years to come.

For over  180  years,  P & G brands  have  made  a  niche  for  themselves.  We  strive  to  blend  “what’s  required”  with  “what’s c onceivable,”  making  your  living  rooms,  kitchens, bedrooms,  and  bathrooms  self-sufficient  and  a  pleasant  to  be. 

Growth and Value Creation 

We describe winning as achieving steady and sustainable growth and value creation. Our commitment is a value-creating growth that is accomplished through excellent brands that please shoppers. 

Social Efforts 

With social campaigns like Always’ #Like a Girl, Summer Olympic campaign, Honored in the community, P & G strives to work for our environment, communities, and people. We focus on improving the health and well-being of every community we touch. 

Putting People First 

What empowers us to be one of the leading consumer goods names across the world is our enthusiastic, motivated, and passionate team, who believe in doing better than good, each day.  

Innovative Tech  

P & G works on the principle that there is always a more intelligent, more efficient, or to put it simply a better way of doing things. We employ modern technology to design products to make lives easy for our customers.  



1 P&G Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 United States