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Rectangular Aluminum Windscreen Post System

Thoughtfully engineered to satisfy the need for safety and security while also catering to artistic taste, CR Laurence - world’s number Read more one hardware manufacturer - offers its rectangular aluminum windscreen post systems. Our inventory comprises of rectangular aluminum windscreen post systems available in different configurations including 36-inches, 48-inches, 60-inches, 72-inches, and 241-inches. Available in 7 attractive finish options including Beige Grey, Agate Grey, Sky White and more, the rectangular AWS posts are available in 90-degrees 135-degrees and 180-degrees variants. We also have CRL post kits that come with end caps. Along with genuine products, we also provide fast shipping. Get in touch for more information about the products in the range. 

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CRL PC9SW Sky White Square AWS Post Cap for 90 Degree Corner Post
$13.81/ Each
CRL SP194BL Matte Black 241" Long 2" x 2-5/8" Square 180 Degree Post
$224.64/ Each


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