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Thresholds and seals are designed to be used with doors in order to catch any water which blows or run Read more


Thresholds and seals are designed to be used with doors in order to catch any water which blows or run under the door and see that it returns outside through the interior weep holes, down to the sloped drain pan. To put it simply, thresholds and sweeps help in blocking water that may enter through the doors. During the rainy season, if you are tired of replacing your door matt consistently, then you actually need a residential threshold of premium quality to keep your flooring safe. A threshold is also useful if you have uneven door bottom or uneven flooring. The installation comes with a moisture barrier, screws, and aluminum sill plate. These thresholds are extremely useful for the out-swinging door so that waterlogging can be pushed away from the area.

CR Laurence manufactures excellent residential thresholds for domestic use. The products we stock include outswing adjustable oak top threshold, vinyl bulb seal, saddle threshold with vinyl cap, aluminum sill extender, and more. The main products in this section include thresholds and seals that come in different sizes and finish options. Oakwood built makes it reliable in terms of catching fungus growth and the sill plates and caps are rust-resistant that makes it even more reliable. If you need a threshold of a particular size, then please feel free to submit a quote regarding the same.

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CRL 46VVM-XCP10 CRL Grey Vinyl Bulb Seal - 10 foot
$5.90 / Package
CRL TH471 Aluminum Bumper Stop Threshold 1-1/2" Wide
$26.05 / Each
CRL 1004A36 Aluminum Sill Extender 2" x 36"
$31.54 / Each
CRL 1004A73 Aluminum Sill Extender 2" x 73"
$39.99 / Each
CRL 1004D73 Duranodic Sill Extender 2" x 73"
$55.99 / Each
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