Protecting Our Environment 


We care about the environment and take our responsibility seriously. We actively participate with government agencies to ensure the highest standards are met for environmentally conscientious products. 


Product Improvement 


We ensure that our manufacturing processes have a minimum impact on the environment. We improve our products by developing our technology, manufacturing, and distribution techniques. 

Our Logo 


Our products are stamped with the green ā€œeā€ logo, indicating an environmentally conscious product that reinforces our commitment to protect and sustain our planet. 




We're all about it. Our two-tier antimicrobial protection system for both the wet and dry state inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.  

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We put the consumer at the center of our design process. The insights of our customers encourage the production of our innovative products. 

Company Profile  

Roberts is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of a comprehensive range of specialty tools and flooring related products. It was founded in 1938 and was responsible for inventing and improving many of the most common flooring tools that are in use today. 

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