Your Log Homes  

We protect your beautiful log or wood home from staining, ensuring it stays in pristine condition.  


Caulking Your Log Home  

Seal your log homes to make sure no cracks are left behind. Effectively seal out the weather and live to hear those logs move another day.  

Preparing Your Log Home 

It is essential to prep a log home before staining to make it a successful project. It’s the ultimate determinant of how long the beauty of a job lasts. 


Restoring Your Log Home 

If you are lost and have no clue how to start the project, you have come to the right place! We will help you restore your dream log home to its former glory. 

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Five specific values - truth, trust, care, forgiveness, and respect. These values started and grew a business able to eliminate hurdles and underscore every new product created.

Company Profile

Sashco manufactures high performance caulks, sealants, and stains for both conventional construction and logwood homes. 

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