Satco Products, Inc

Value Statement  

Doing the right thing is an inherent quality in our workforce. Our company values honor, loyalty, and dignity in every partnership. 


Customer Commitment 

Our company demonstrates our commitment to our customers by delivering a quality product, promise, and partnership. 

Our Legacy 

Our values are part of our legacy and are inherent in how we conduct business, the products we manufacture, and the relationships we support, among many other things. 


Our Vision  

The company aims to reach our goals with passion, character, and generosity. Quality, trust, loyalty, and hard work are the backbone of our business. 

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From the families who work with us to the ones who ultimately use our products in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities, Satco gives back. It is who we are, as a company, and as people. 

Company Profile

 Satco|Nuvo offers a durable, quality line of exterior fixtures designed for performance & long life. Home Satco is a leading supplier of lighting products, with solutions for nearly every lighting market across the commercial, residential, and industrial landscape. 

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